Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Playboy this, playboy that

Yesterday I decided to get a 30 min head massage in order to get rid of the nasty headache that has been stalking me for a week now. I made an appointment at our local Dragonfly for the afternoon and headed out.

The Dragonfly in our neighbourhood is quite small, but still nice. The staff are friendly and their services are good.

When I turned up for my 4.15pm appointment there was a minor crowd blocking the way to the counter. A group of 8 Spanish guys and 2 girls in their mid/late 20ies were standing around the counter, obviously trying to book themselves simultaneous massages (the staff behind the counter seemed a little bit stressed so u could easily understand that this was an unexpected drop-in).

Suddenly a young, western girl that I've met a few times before came in. She excused herself to the Spanish group in order to get to the counter. We exchanged greetings before she turned to the staff, telling them she was there for her 4.15 appointment.

-4.15 appointment.... Oh, for a Playboy bikini wax, right?!!! the girl behind the counter said.

The room fell silent. The girl's face went tomato-red. I felt so sorry for her, as all the Spanish guys instantly turned their eyes to her, some with sly smiles on their faces. Although I couldn't help but secretly giggling. The girl behind the counter had said it so loud, and so clear.... I don't think she actually knew what a Playboy wax is?!

-Ehum, yes... that would be me... the young girl said, keeping her head down.

Well, being discreet certainly doesn't belong to the standards over here.


Jon said...

so jonna could you tell me what the playboy bikini wax is?

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with people knowing you have a Brazilian?

I have my balls and my bum waxed you know. Nothing to be ashamed.

Jonna Wibelius said...

ispy -I think u can ask google about that... well, basically it means 'all off'.

Anonymous -I think most people prefer to keep that sort of info private. I can't imagine you telling your workmates over lunch that you're about to have your balls and bum waxed later that arvo... no?

Anonymous said...

He might not tell them, but his delicate stepping and ginger sitting would give the game away.

By the way, why is it people who have nothing to be ashamed about always sign themselves 'Anonymous'?

Jonna Wibelius said...

Dylan -yeah good question. Alwyas tends to be so.

Jon said...

Tojonna: i got it! Thank you

Anonymous said...

Excellent story!

They offer that at Dragonfly? I thought they just did massages. And what an odd description. Surely it should be a playGIRL bikini wax?

Vampire Rabbit said...

No WoAi, it is the kind of waxing that the women who pose in PLAYBOY magazine get. Hence the Playboy name.

Anonymous said...

Thanks I need to read Playboy more often, I'm out of touch, LOL!