Friday, July 4, 2008

Chafing and birthmarks

This is not related to China, but maybe some of you have experience from the following:

One of my birth marks sort of ‘fell off.’

After starting to run several times a week I have noticed that my sport bra has resulted in chafing around my chest. One of my birth marks are located just where the sport’s bra ends and last week, after my long run, it started to change colour, going red and all weird. So I booked an appointment to remove it (although it is tiny! Just like a little dot!). After yesterday’s work out, however, I noticed the birth mark had been removed.. by itself. Only a small edge of it is left? And the redness around it has started to go away… Hm… so what now? Do I still go to the doctor and ask him to look at the edge of a previous existing birth mark?


Anonymous said...

hmm, I had a mole removed the other week, the process was quite similar, it went red and eventually just dropped off with little fuss

Anonymous said...

All moles and birthmarks that change must be look at by a physician. He may want to do a biopsy.

Jonna Wibelius said...

dingle -but u still went to a dr to remove it? Well, I have my appointment so I will go on Thu and have it looked at. hopefully they'll remove the red little spot that is left of the mole with laser.