Monday, July 7, 2008

That's Suzhou (there's a new magazine in town!)

Finally, I am done!

The exam was quite hard, but I think I made it OK. I must have. I knew most of the stuff, and normally I am quite lucky when I guess… So let’s see. On Friday there’s apparently some ceremony for us students so I’ll then go and pick up my grades and HOPEFULLY I’ll be able to buy the books for level 4 already. Oh yes, of course I am going to do the whole ‘prepare for level 4 in advance’ thing… I am going to drag all those books back to Sweden and probably not open them once during my holiday, and then have to drag them all back to China again in August… but that’s just me. I always do it. And traditions are meant to be kept.

This Friday there is a launch party for a new Suzhou magazine called ‘That’s Suzhou.’ It is apparently made by the same people that make the more famous ‘That’s Shanghai’ (then there is also ’That’s Beijing’). I picked up their July copy (funny that the July issue is out although the release party is this Friday) and it looks quite thin, but still good. I’ll definitely try to score an invite to Friday’s party and then convince my bf that it is important for us to go. I also notice (when I flicked through the magazine) that the editorial assistant is no one less but my old private Chinese tutor. Well that explains why she suddenly became impossible to get in touch with and stopped coming to teach me.

But really, now when I am flicking through That’s Suzhou I have to say that I am actually really happy that there’s finally a decent English language magazine in the city (the other expat magazines I’ve come across over here have been a bit… dull). I am looking forward to how ‘That’s’ is going to cover all of Suzhou’s dingy nightclubs in their nightlife section…


Anonymous said...

Hi there! I love your blog! keep it up : )

Are you still in shanghai or are you moving to Suzhou, as many of your posts recently have been about the latter location?

Jonna Wibelius said...

Hi! I'm really glad to hear u like my blog :)

I have been living in Suzhou since Jan this year, because my bf is working here. Most weeks I still go to Shanghai 2-3 times so it doesn't feels as if I have really moved. I still have most of my friends in Shanghai and still prefer Shanghai to Suzhou, but well, Suzhou is growing on me! It's not a bad place to live, at all, it is just more convenient for me to be in Shanghai because of friends/work. Oh well. Not complaining. A mere 40 min train ride is all it takes! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jonna! Nice to see your post ton That's Suzhou. Hope you like it. And sorry for stop teaching you because of my busy job. But we can keep in touch. Teri