Monday, June 9, 2008


For a while I was thinking that ‘sure, I can live in Suzhou and work in Shanghai. Simply take the train in the morning. It’s not that annoying and kinda fast. I can do it.’

However, in order to be at work in Shanghai at 9.30 I have to:

1. Get up at 5 am
2. Be out of the house around 6.30
3. Grab a taxi to the train station.
4. Jump on the 7.30 train to Shanghai (I always give myself one hour of taxi time coz u never know if you get a car or if there is a jam or something like that).
5. Take the over crowded metro in Shanghai. Change lines. Sweat. Swear. Push.
6. Walk.
7. Wait.
8. Work.

Yeah, there are not even any well-timed trains, so I end up being at work soon after 9am. Unless there is a jam in the metro or the train is delayed or something like that (things u always have to take into account over here).

Uh, I take it back. I could never do this every day. Two weeks is more than enough. Just the thought of that I have to do all this again tonight but the other way around makes me…. tired.

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