Wednesday, June 11, 2008

SHE in China at the Pakistani Spectator

A lively morning. I wake up at 5am as I have to catch the 7am train to Shanghai. First thing I am told by my bf (who's been up since 2.45 am just to watch a game) is that Sweden beat Greece in the European football (yes we also call it football in Sweden) championship. Sure, it is 'only' the European cup, but still. Sweden hasn't won anything prestigious for a while so got to be happy for em. Next up I am told an interview with me has been published at the Pakistani Spectator. So if any one's interested to find out what my fave book is, and why I am writing this blog, here it is:

Now, coffee.

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Anonymous said...

Its nice to see your personal interview

--Hyderabad (India)