Saturday, June 28, 2008

I also want to be body hair free!!!

Imagine NOT having to do this every second day...

Me and Rocky continue to bond at the gym where I work out. Yesterday he brought a skipping rope and joined me in the aerobics’ room for my 15-minute-skipping-work-out. It was quite hilarious actually. He lined up next to me, and said: ‘follow me, yi, er, san (1-2-3)’ and we started jumping together!

Afterwards when we were sitting on the ground chatting, I discovered that Rocky had no body hair on his legs or arms. I couldn’t help myself so I simply asked him. He said he has never had body hair, nor birth marks. Apparently this is quite common for some Chinese people (I don’t remember if he said Chinese people from Hunan or just some Chinese people in general). Actually, if you go to a pool in China you will notice that the men have not a single trace of chest hair, but if their arms and legs are also hair free I simply don’t know. The weird thing is, that the girls are not hair free… not at all? So what’s going on here?

Anyways, I told Rocky he was very lucky and that I would love to have his hair-free, birth-mark free skin, but he obviously didn’t understand. Well, I guess someone who has never had to shave his legs wouldn’t.


Vampire Rabbit said...

Plenty of women in China never shave their legs, of course most outside of the biggest cities do not shave their armpits either, but with the legs it is different, some just never grow any other than maybe a fine covering that barely shows.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahah... This is very funny. I am glad you wrote about it. I think Chinese men do have hairs on their legs, albeit not much when compared with Westerners. The reason you noticed Chinese women to be more hairy than Chinese men is probably due to the fact that you don't expect women to have hairs on their legs. Chinese women don't shave. Neither do some European women. This is a very interesting observation.

Jonna Wibelius said...

Well, the Hunan boy, which hair-less legs were the first ones I've ever spotted, were completely hair-free... and soft!! (yes, I had to feel them, I couldn't help myself. This boy must think I am a freak.. oh well!)

I have noticed that many Chi girls don't shave their legs.. kind of hard not to. I think that's an induvidual choice... not shaving under the arms, however, I find a bit... odd.

Vampire Rabbit said...

Why odd? Most of the women of the world do not shave their armpits. In the global view, it is those that shave that would be the 'odd ducks' :-)

Anonymous said...

Jonna, you did what to the Hunan boy? No wonder he thought you fancied him. I saw that you have abbreviated the word Chinese to Chi. Please try not to do that because the word Chi is derogatory to some Chinese, as in Chicom. If you don't mind, share with us the reaction of the Hunan boy when you felt his leg. Did he understand that you were just curious about hairless legs? Do you also know that most Chinese or most other Asians for that matter don't use deodorant?

Jonna Wibelius said...

Anonymouse -Don't worry about rocky.. it was a purely innocent touch, I just wanted the feel if the skin was soft?! He doesn't think I fancy him. The only thing we talk about is training and different games we used to play when we were kids, and then, f course, he is also interested in finding out why I am as tall as I am... (hihi). But he knows I have a bf, and he knows that I still like for use to be friends, so it is cool! :)

As for Chi-Chinese, from now on i'll try to remember always to write out 'Chinese.'

And about people not using deodorant -kind of hard NOT to noitce, but I don't think that is unique for Chinese in any way. Many people, from all over the world don't use deodorant. Some smell and some don't.

Anonymous said...

You know.....there ARE asian women with ZERO body hair. My mom is one of them and unfortunately I am not.

I've had the misfortune of inheriting my dad's "hairy legs and pits" gene and I am IMMENSELY jealous of my mom.

My brother though, is hairy so obviously there ARE hairy asian men out there.

Personally, I like guys who don't have much body hair simply because...well...I just don't like it. personally, I'd love it if hairy men waxed or shaved themselves ^_^;;;;

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jonna. This is a very interesting discovery for you in china. Generally speaking, most of chinese man do not have chest hair, it is natural for us. for leg hairs, it is common to see, myself have leg hair. for arm hairs, most people have little.
as for girls, most of them do not hairy and not shave themselves. my wife have a little bit leg hair and used to shave her armpit for a while . after i know her, he told her it is kind of self abusing to do this, and she stopped. i prefer the nature way of the human being.