Monday, June 30, 2008

Worth losing sleep over

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Getting up at 2.45am this morning was TOTALLY WORTH IT! Viva Espana!!!! :)

Going back to bed at 4.45am when the game was over and the sun was coming up was a bit odd, but well... it worked.

Getting up again around 6am wasn't as smooth, however, but I have to go to the immigration office and sort out the extension of my visa today (I am terrified after having read so many horror stories of people not getting their visas because of restrictions due to the Olympic Games) so it is not like I have a choice.

But wow.... Still. Spain. Torres!!! I am thrilled! Finally the right team wins!!!


Rambler said...

I didn't see the game but my brother did. He had to drive over to his girlfriends house to watch it because we don't get the channel that it was on. He was cheering for Spain as well.

From my Eyes said...

Go Espana!!!