Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thursday night's plan: hairwash, 10 kuai.

Since I am working in Shanghai this week I am staying at a friend's place. I had almost forgotten how bad water pressure can be in the city, if you live higher than the second floor you can only dream of having good water pressure in your shower. My friend lives on the fifth floor, and this morning I got myself a reminder of how annoying it is to wash your hair with such a bad water pressure. So.... I figured that since I cannot turn up to work with greasy hair every day, I have to turn to the local hairdressers and simply ask for a hair wash. I didn't think about it until my friend told me the other day that her dad had been visiting and ended up having the deluxe hair wash at local hairdresser. It normally costs around 10-20 kuai to go to a Chinese hairdresser and have them wash and blow dry your hair. My friend's dad went to a place that charged 40 for this, however, he obviously managed to nod a few times too many, because he ended up having his hair washed, getting a body massage, a manicure, a head massage, a hair treatment (with a warming mask... hehe) and a blow dry! And the cost of this royal wash: 340 kuai! Hahahhaha... I guess what I am trying to say: guys, don't send your parents (or anyone else who cannot speak Chinese and doesn't know how to haggle) to the local hairdressers alone. Although someone who is in China for the first time certainly should try it. It's kinda (!) cheap compared to back home, and the head massage (u know the one which is half of the reason why u go to the hairdresser) is included. Mmmm... can't wait to get my grease bomb of hair washed tonight.

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