Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer trends in the city: empty pools

Just an illusion

As it is getting warmer across the city one of my friends, who lives in a complex with an outside pool, went to ask the management when they were planning to put the pool in use.

(Yeah, because although there was a pool, there had never been water in it. It just stood there, like and empty, white bowl under the sun).

The management people greeted my friend with friendliness, made some comforting comments about the heat and promised the pool would be filled within the next two days.

Three days later, the pool was still an empty, white dish. And my friend went to see the management.

-When are you filling the pool? He asked.
-Oh, maybe tomorrow! The people replied.

Tomorrow came, still no water. My friend got annoyed. It was so warm out there and the fact that he’d paid extra so he could live somewhere where he’d be able to cool down, made him once again go down to the management and ask for them to fill the pool with water.

-We are so sorry! But tomorrow! We promise!

As expected. The pool was still empty two days later. My friend was furious.

-When are you going to fill the pool?! He yelled when he walked through the door of the management office.

The management people looked at each other. Finally, someone said:

-Oh… ehum.. maybe… never!

All of you who lives in complexes with outdoor pools –let me know when u see some water in there. And, how you managed to convince your management to do it. My friend really wants to know.


Anonymous said...

Your friend could probably use your help! Mention how much you would LOVE to lounge around in your bikini! ;-)

Jonna Wibelius said...

Hehe -I doubt it would help. Western woman in bikini tempting for Chi managemnet people? Nahh... probably more like, a bit scary...