Saturday, June 28, 2008

Today's mission: long run (not even that long, but still!)

I (think I) passed the exam! I wrote about an upcoming marathon I am planning to run (date has not been set yet, but it is due to happen before I turn 50… so I have about 25 years!) Sure, it is not my most memorable day yet, but I am planning for the day to be, so… It wasn’t a complete lie!

After another raining-non-stop week (yesterday was terrible!!!) the sky has today shifted into a white/greish colour, but no rain is falling and the air is cool. U know what that means don’t you? Perfect weather for a long run! I am just starting to get a bit freaked out about it. What if I get dehydrated? I haven’t run 15km for I don’t know how long (on Tue I did 11 km but that was on the treadmill so definitely not as hard as running outside). I have tried running around the lake once before. Last year in the beginning of September. It was about 30 degrees and extremely humid. Although I was doing OK my boyfriend gave up after 10 km and we took a taxi back. (I suppode the fact that some people that passed us on bikes and shouted ‘are you mad?!’ also convinced us that the timing for our run could have been better)

Today is a much better day for running, although it is a bit windy out there. I guess I just have to run veeeeeeeery slow and think about the post-workout massage I am planning to have afterwards.

UPDATE: I ended up getting a bit lost during my run (nothing out of the ordinary -I have a terrible sense of directions) and ended up being out running for almost 2 hours!!! Came home, sweaty (sorry, I mean, GLOWING) and thirsty, but except for that it felt great! The legs are a lil' bit stiff but actually much better than excpected. I have no idea what distance I ran but man, it feels good to know that my legs are still up for running for 1.5-2 hours. Yey!!! Now, reward time: Pancakes!!!

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