Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Yeah, I wish!

Ah, I love this….

You go to a fancy restaurant and order yourself a prawn salad. It comes in… without prawns. So you yell for the ‘xiao jie’.

-Excuse me, isn’t this a prawn salad?
-But there are no prawns!
-Excuse me!?
-There are no prawns in my prawn salad?
-Yes….? Is there a problem miss?
-Yes, I want my prawn salad to come with prawns! That’s the whole thing! I ordered it because I wanted prawns.
-Oh… yes!

Sometimes I feel that waiters at fancy restaurants are so busy saying ‘yes’ that they don’t even listen to what you are telling them? Anyways, eventually I was given an additional bowl of prawns. But seriously, that’s it. No point paying extra for food over here. Going to a small, cheap, Chinese place is much more price-worthy. You don’t have to battle for the ingredients in your dishes, and, the food tastes better too!


she said...

I guess they may not understand you well, seriously.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, but sometimes it is difficult to know the ingredients just from the name:) for instance, “猫耳朵”,“佛跳墙”:) So maybe it is better to know the ingredients before you order it.

Jonna Wibelius said...

She -yeah, well obviously they didn't. Oh well. No biggy. Just funny that it happens at those fancy, over charging restos...

Kista -I know how to say prawns in Chinese. Sometimes, I feel the waiter gets confused if I try and speak Chinese w them? They switch back to English. Or, maybe they just don't understand me at all... aooch!