Friday, June 27, 2008

Exam time: 写作考试。

So the time is here and I cannot escape it. Today I’ll write my first, out of four, exams. First up is my least favourite subject: essay writing. We have already been told that our assignment will be to write about 1. an unforgettable moment in our lives (?), and 2. write a note asking for sick leave.

The sick leave note is going to be a piece of cake. I have a good vocabulary when it comes to being sick in China: I can mention cough, fever, a cold, a sore throat, acing legs, a stomach flu, mosquito bites… well, my endless trips to the pharmacy has definitely given me some ground to stand on!

When it comes to an unforgettable moment, however, I am not quite sure what approach I should take. It has to be something that I have enough vocabulary to write about, AND something unforgettable, so…. Hm… how do I do that? The first time I came to China (and thought I was going to die –yes, seriously- because it was so humid and hot?!)? Or, when I ran the Shanghai half marathon in 2006, and then ended up on national TV doing a sweaty wave to the Chinese population? Or, should I mention that time when I almost fell into a squat toilet because I couldn’t squat? That surely is unforgettable!!

Hm.. I have about 1 hour to decide then my exam start. I have to write 400 characters about this moment, so I better think of something good…. Hm… When I was told I was fat? (nah, too much of an common, every day occurrence, although definitely unforgettable…) When I was told to keep my back bended and stay low during a roller coaster ride in Hong Kong because I was so tall the staff was scared I would hit my head? When I for the first time took the train to Suzhou and fainted? Or, when my boyfriend walked around imitating a chicken in a Chinese supermarket?

Well, I better make up my mind fast, only 50 minutes to go and I should brush my teeth before I leave here. And maybe I have to go to the shop to and get myself some chocolate. I mean, it is Friday, and I most certainly will need the energy to finsh this piece of crap... sorry, this essay.

(45 min to go and still no good idea.) OK, enough with the procrastination. I’m off!