Monday, June 2, 2008

I've created a Rocky

Remember the Hunanese guy from my gym that I told you about earlier? The guy who re-named me to ‘You-La’ since he cannot pronounce ‘N’ and say my ‘real’ name ‘you-Na’? Well, anyway, I thought that since he made me a ‘La,’ I thought I’d do something nice in return. So when I found out his name was Rock (!) I simply told him that I think he should add a ‘Y’ to the end of his name, because then he’d have the same name as a movie legend…

Rock (y) agreed, although first he wanted to see what movie legend I meant. So he went home and watched Rocky -the movie. Or at least he must have, because when I met him yesterday at the gym his whole face lit up.

‘I’m Rocky!’ he said.
‘You sure are!’ I agreed.

Yep. And now he totally thinks I fancy him.


Anonymous said...

Hey lady! Listen! You can't do that to the poor Hunan dude at the gym. He now thinks you like him. Trust me. Most Chinese men take any little friendliness from a lady as a sign of possible romantic relationship. You are right. You might actually think you fancy him. Don't be so cruel.

Lullun said...

Hahaha. Tack för ett gott skratt en tung måndag morgon (ja ok klockan är redan 9.43 här, men det känns som morgon... ;-) ).

Anonymous said...

Maybe chinese man are not as romantic and mannered as western man, but most of them take relationship much more seriousely, especially for those young early twenties. The responsibility to take care of and mentally/financially support his lover is considered a man's duty. So, if u dont really fancy the Hunan guy, please keep some distance!! You never know how sensitive the chinese are!especially men from the south!

Jonna Wibelius said...

Zhou -I don't fancy this guy but that doesn't mean I am going to 'keep away from him'... We are good friends, and I know that he values our friendship as much as I do! I wrote this post in the beginning of our friendship -and trust me, by now we have made it very clear to each other that we are friends and nothing more. He knows I have a boyfriend, and even if I didn't, he doesn't like me that way... he just wants us to be friends.

I think a man in his 20ies should be mature enough not to believe that every single girl that talks to him has a crush on him.