Friday, May 30, 2008

Coming up: big nite out

To drain my gym sorrows (I know, I know.. ‘get over it!’ Don’t worry, I will!) I’m planning a big night out. The bf is having a company thing, so I’m free to go as wild as I want with the girls. And trust me, in Suzhou’s nightlife scene, it’s hard not to! Going out in Suzhou is like going out in Sweden in the 80ies (not that I ever did, I was a baby then, but this is how I imagine it being in the 80ies): neon lights, euro techno and people dancing some sort of hip hop (you know the violent kind when you lift your knees really high in the air?) on the dance floor. The average age in a typical Suzhou nightclub seems to be around 21 (which means it is probably more like… 27?) and the bar is a total ‘check out point’. Music is so loud it’s impossible to talk, and if you want to sit at a table you have to buy at least one bottle of vodka to show that you are a big spender. If you settle for buying drinks, be prepared: they are strong on the gin and weak on the tonic, which makes it more understandable why so many Chinese girls spend the night drinking orange juice or coconut milk. In terms of dressing style, it’s kind of mixed. While the guys don’t wear anything special (no, unfortunately no big, baggy jeans…) the women are a mix of those who wear something way too tight and too short, and those who make no effort at all and turn up in jeans and a long-sleeve jumper. Same goes for make up: there are both au-naturals and girls who might have gone a bit too heavy on the eye-liner…

Tonight, however, this sounds perfect to me. I just have to practice my hip hop moves in front of the mirror before I head out. I might be a little bit rusty.

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