Friday, May 9, 2008

SHE in China has made the Brazilian press :)

I forgot to tell you, but some weeks ago (or more like a month ago?) I was interviewed by a Brazilian reporter from G1

If anyone can read portuguese please go ahead, and while you're at it, please translate for me too?!,,MUL395501-15516,00-SOB%20PRESSAO%20JOVENS%20CHINESES%20SE%20ENTREGAM%20AO%20ESTUDO%20E%20A%20INTERNET.html


Anonymous said...

My cousin used to speak Portugese well. I'll try and get her to look at it.

Karla Santos said...

Hi, Jonna

I am a brazilian journalist living in Ireland. I am trying to improve my English, so forgive me for any mistake, please, in my translation:

Under the pressure, chinese youngsters integrate to the study and the internet

(...) The Swedish journalist Jonna Wibelius, that lives in China since 2006 and writes about her experiences in a personal blog, said to G1, in an e-mail interview, that there is a huge pressure over the children and youngsters, especially owing to the chinese politics of birth control (each family has permission to have just one child).

"Since very young the children are stimulated to study in the afternoon and at the weekend. Many parents want that their children will be talenteds and creatives and therefore they put them in a piano courses, gymnastics, paint and son on. Children are motivate to have high scores to get into good colleges and thus to get a good job." (...)

I like your blog very much!

Take care.

All the best,