Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday morning thoughts

I’ve started dreaming in Chinese, something that I find extremely annoying because in my dreams (just like in real life) I always have to stop and think about sentence structure, words and tones. In my dreams I make up conversations with people around me; everyone from taxi drivers to men selling pineapple and fruit sticks on the street. (Hm… this actually doesn’t sound too far from real life, especially considering I never tend to get things right, sentence wise I mean….) It’s kinda frustrating because I tend to wake up feeling tired from thinking so hard about what to say, and how to say it in Chinese… Anyone got any tips of how to control your dreams and usher them into some more safe lingual territory (like Swedish and English?)?

Speaking of unreal things, btw. Here’s some shot from what I assume must be a model shoot that I witnessed last Sat in the city center. About 5 meters away from the pretty ladies, this man was taking a nap. Huge contrasts. Very China.

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