Wednesday, May 7, 2008

This thing about honesty...

Oh the exam, I almost forgot to tell you!! Thanks for all your comments and encouragements! J Really made me smile!

Well, the written test was quite extensive, covering much more than I had expected… and my handwriting is such a joke. So let’s see how that goes. The spoken part went better. First we were in groups discussing a topic (I got to discuss Chinese public transport with 2 Korean girls who kept on speaking Korean to each other… really? What’s that all about?!) which went okay, and then we went on to the other part where we had to be alone and present a topic to our teacher. I thought I was going to talk about my travelling experience in China but then the teacher said she wanted me to tell her why I am studying and what I want to do with my Chinese skills later… Oh?! Caught me a bit off guard so I went on about how I wished to find a good job, although I first need to improve my Chinese level…

-In what aspects do u need to improve? She asked.
-Well… writing characters is a mess. Reading is okay. But then I believe my pronunciation and attention to tones are quite bad.

I don’t know what I was expecting. A nod? Her shaking her head? And encouraging smile? A nothing?

But guess what she did?! She flipped her head backwards and laughed out loud! In agreement! (Yeah, just rub it in, will ya?!)

However, then after the exam she told me that she thinks I actually have improved. Hm… so what does that mean. That I sucked a*** before? Probably. Oh well. Today’s grammar exam. Hehe. I bet the lucky teacher who eventually gets to mark my exam is going to have a headache trying to figure out what my scribbling of characters mean…

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