Thursday, May 15, 2008

There's a time and place for everything

About one month ago, I was at a seminar at the chamber. The topic was ‘China’s economy’ and afterwards there was a Q&A session in ordinary fashion.

A pretty Chinese girl in the back raised her hand.

-Yes? The speaker addressed her.
-Hi, my name is XXX and I come from XXX. Our company is hosting an event and I would like to know how I can get foreigners to attend it!

An instant, pregnant silence was followed by a confused mumble from the crowd.

-Eh… well, I think these sort of events are good spots for networking, the speaker said. I am sure you can talk to people during the coffee break and tell them about your event. Next….

-Wait, I am not finished! Said the Chinese girl. I would also like to know how foreigners think and how they are different to us Chinese in their way of thinking.

The crowd's mumble was replaced with amused laughter, and eventually someone stepped in and offered to consult the girl once the seminar had finished.

Still, I have to say. That pretty lady had some guts!!

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