Sunday, May 18, 2008

Traditional vs simplified

Why do I always ’save the best’ (worse) for last? Tonight I am stuck with writing a one page ‘essay’ (or home exam they also call it) about my life in China. In Chinese. As you might imagine, it is not going great, and it’s giving me a headache. I just asked my Taiwanese friend to help me out, so now I am giving him a headache too.

In Taiwan they still use the traditional Chinese characters and he’s not too familiar with typing the simplified Chinese characters using pinyin (In fact, he doesn’t even know pinyin, and has to look in a dictionary every time he wants to type something simplified) so every time he wants to change my sentences he has to type it in traditional characters, change things around, then look up the pinyin to the simplified Chinese so that he can finally type it the way I am used to… I am a bit speechless to this fact. I think the simplified is so hard. Then imagine the traditional Chinese characters. No pinyin. More strokes. No pinyin.

Gosh. Headache is getting worse already!

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Anonymous said...

Note: the so-called Reduction characters of the last file in the pic are in fact chinese characters used in Japanese, of which the form is different either to the simplified characters, or to the traditional ones, except for 国, which was actually loaned from Japanese.