Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Today: 口语考试

I know I shouldn’t be blogging now, I should be studying. Today I have my first mid-term exam: 口语考试 (kou yu kao shi =spoken Chinese exam). Normally this is my favourite test because I don’t have a problem to jabber away about anything and nothing. I don’t even worry so much about the 15 minute presentation I am going to have (only for my teacher though?! How weird is that?! But many of my classmates are too shy to speak in front of the whole class so this is how it’s got to be). No, today’s ‘worry-of-the-day’ goes to the first part of the test. The written test. Filling in the blanks, changing sentences, spotting mistakes in sentence structures and so on. I am so bad grammatical rules. In ALL languages (including Swedish). So I am sensing this is going to be a bit of a mess.

I’ll head straight from the exam to the gym to release some energy after 3 hours of serious brain activity (or OK, at least I hope that the activity will be lively?!). I’ve made yet another trainer-friend at the gym, this one is highly impressed with my choice of training: the skipping rope. When I was younger I went to a basketball collage in Sweden and our American coach made us do skipping rope for at least 20 minutes every day. Although I stopped playing basketball some years ago, I have kept up the skipping. It’s such a great work out and u don’t even have to do it long to get results.

Anyways, yesterday when I was skipping away a trainer came up to be and told me he had seen me doing skipping rope before, and that he thought I was very smart using such an efficient training method, adding at the end that I was 很厉害!(hen li hai =gosh, how do I translate this? Very… hardworking? Have good endurance? Hm.. doesn’t feel like the right word. Anyone who can help?! My dictionary suggests “terrible, devastating”… ehum) Then he asked if he could borrow my rope. It ended up with him and me practicing double jumps for the next 10 minutes. He could definitely jump much faster than me although I beat him when it came to endurance. I am starting to like the gym more and more as it is becoming my new base for practicing Chinese. And, I get fit at the same time. Perfect!

This afternoon I should also study again as I tomorrow have something a bit bigger coming up: Chinese grammar exam. Aooch. Well that’ll be the worry-of-the-afternoon then. Wish me luck!


From my Eyes said...


Hope you aced your test! By the way, if you use Firefox browser, have you tried this add on?


I found this pretty cool tool to read chinese characters on web sites. Have you encountered a similar add-on for English ? I have a chinese friend who is trying to learn english.



Anonymous said...

dear Joanna,

you will be fine, no worries! it is simply because you are not hesitating to face challenges.

the end (i.e., the test) result matters but not that much. it is important to do the right things but not the things right, after all!

Lullun said...

Ett stort lycka till från Grönland! Du klarar det galant, det är jag överbevisad om. :-)

bloggingupiseasyd said...

Google Translate suggests that "很厉害" should be translated as "Very powerful"?

Love your blog, really interesting, thanks : )