Monday, May 12, 2008

I hate when this happens…

My brother also got really stomach sick when he came to visit me here... Maybe sensitive bellies run in our family? Darn.

You think you’re fine, you’re having your breakfast, getting dressed, trying to ignore the pain in your stomach and pretend it's nothing. And then, just when u r about to walk out the door, the nauseous feeling hits you, you have to run back into the loo where u spend most of your day, feeling nothing like a princess…. Ah, I HATE stomach flus!? In China I am an instant victim if I accidentally eat something fishy. I think I’ve lost a good deal of kilos since I got here too, because the most vicious kind, where u cannot even keep water, seems to like me a lot.

Yeah, so no Shanghai yesterday, and no ‘enjoyable day in the sun’ either. Today I am contemplating if I should turn up for class or not. I am kind of mega hungry (and like always when I get bugs I don't feel like eating rice, bananas or those things you 'should eat'. Rather, all I can think about is ice-cream, candy and chocolate.... hm.. probably great for the belly, huh?) but I don’t dear to eat, nor drink, so I am guessing the headache that’s been creeping in on me will soon get heavier too… Oh, what a whiny way to start the week, huh? Something less self-pitying and more substantial will appear on the blog later on.

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