Friday, May 9, 2008

Fight against corruption -message on the metro

People living in Shanghai –have u met this man?

He is tall, kind of overweight (OK, very overweight!), and travels on the metro line 1, where he tells people to fight against corruption?

Twice I’ve been on the metro when he steps on. He only goes from one stop to another. And he always begins his speech in Chinese. Once he is done, he switches to English.

-Ladies and gentlemen, we have to work together to fight corruption. Chinese or foreigner, it doesn’t matter, we all need to be united when it comes to this. Every day I travel on this metro telling people we have to fight corruption and if I would get caught I might be murdered. But this is my mission and that is why I am doing this….

On yesterday’s ride, between Huangpi Nan Lu and People’s Square I was the only foreigner in the packed cabin, and he spoke directly to me. Obviously it was all eyes on him and me, and when the metro finally stopped and he walked off, saying:

-Bye bye!!

Many people were laughing and also turned to me to say:

-Bye bye! as they walked off.

Kind of risky business this man is doing, don’t you think?

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StairWayToRich said...

Oh yeah~~
Fight corruption!
Bye bye!