Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Retail therapy

Every woman's dream?

Two things I try to think about when I am sick to make myself feel better: holiday and shopping. Have I told u guys about ‘Hot Wind’? It’s a chain store around China, selling mainly shoes and bags, but also some clothes. I adore this shop due to 2 reasons: First of all, they have size 39 in shoes, which is something that barely any other shoe shop has. The most common shoe size over here is 36, something I had when I was in 4th grade (yup, I am a big foot) so for me, finding shoes in China is kind of critical. (although Zara also have big sized shoes and lately H&M have started selling shoes –so I guess there is hope for the future!)

OK, the second reason why I love this shop is because they offer lifetime guarantee. For SHOES! Yes, baby, you heard me. If your heel drops off –bring the shoe back to Hot Wind and they will fix it. Receipt? Nope. Don’t need. They claim they recognize their old models. I am not so sure if I believe that but who cares. Lifetime guarantee –yey! You can also hand in your shoes simply to get them polished (although obviously the staff doesn’t look so happy when u do).

As for guys, I think they have up till size 43… My brother managed to buy some shoes there and the big foot thing runs in the family…

This photo was taking during winter, if anyone wonders about the hat... But look at those babies in my hands? Ah... they didn't have size 39 though so I never bought them.

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0carina said...

hahahahah I totally like your sens of humor girl! Sure you are a 39 seeing that you are tall. While reading your blog was wondering how you manage with shoes and clothes when I stumbled upon this post. Cheers!