Thursday, May 15, 2008

BMW = 别摸我 -bie mo wo

Yeah, you all know BMW, the fancy car.

But do u know what BMW stands for in Chinese?

别摸我 -bie mo wo means 'don't touch me.'

A Chinese friend of mine explained that the 别摸我 was especially suitable for BMW cars because the cars are so fast, that no one can touch them...

So how do you then reply to a 'BMW'? Well... with another Chinese acronym of course, MSN -摸死你 = mo si ni = 'I insist on touching you.'

And apparently the these two acronyms are supposed to be a dialouge, so funny (?) that you can even get it as a t-shirt print.


Anonymous said...

the pair of t-shirts are cute
I wonder if I could get them in Aus...

Anonymous said...

To my knowledge, BMW was first used to stand for "Bie Mo Wo" in the movie "The Crazy Stone", which was released in 2006.