Thursday, May 29, 2008

When smart people turn stupid

It’s now a proven fact. Living in China does indeed make some people a bit dim… Latest victim: my bf. Just look what he came home with the other day.

Yes, it is. And yes, feel free to ridicule it. It’s a bike with a motor. A BIKE with a MOTOR?! (And then he makes fun of people that drive mopeds?!) I was speechless when I saw it, and I still am. What comments can be made about a giant, black, ugly thing that is now occupying space on our balcony?!

To my bf’s defend: everyone from his company ended up buying one, so maybe he fell for the group pressure.
But still


From my Eyes said...

how much did this bike cost ? How fast does it go ? Is it very heavy ? Thanks!

Jonna Wibelius said...

Charles -I believe he hasn't even taken it for a test ride yet? I'll let u know after the wknd. It cost around 1000 kuai and it's kinda heavy.

Lullun said...

Liknande cyklar börjar visst också bli mer och mer populära i Europa har jag hört. Pga av CO2-debatten. Det går fortare & lättare att ta sig till jobbet än att cykla helt själv samtidigt som det är miljövänligare än att ta bilen. själv håller jag mig dock nog till en traditionell cykel ändå! *hihi*

Jonna Wibelius said...

Lullun -jag med. Kan inte fatta att vi har en motor-cykel (haha!) parkerad på vår balkong?! Det var inte något jag förväntade mig att vi skulle köpa när vi flyttade till Kina... :)